Subpar Management Group is a boutique golf management agency.


Founded in 2018 by Charles Enjalbert (see below), we offer full support services to select golfers in order to allow them to exceed their sports goals and maximize their commercial value. Leveraging industry and corporate expertise, we developed a proprietary approach that is not only professional and ambitious but also human.


Choosing to focus on quality over quantity, we emphasize operational excellence, creativity and innovation to foster long-lasting, successful partnerships with our players.

From earning a first professional tour card to winning Major Championships or from creating a website to defining and executing a complete golf marketing strategy, Subpar Management Group has the knowledge and capabilities to support you with tailored solutions through this journey.






Charles Enjalbert is a passionate sports fan and a former elite pole-vaulter (U18 France champion, France national U20 team, sponsored by Reebok). After being exposed to golf throughout his teens, Charles started playing and following golf seriously shortly after moving to the U.S. in 2007. Since then, golf has become more than a passion but an actual business interest that has consumed his time with research, contacts and analysis in the golf industry, especially after working for sports agencies involved in golf. Charles is a licensed golf agent.

After moving back to France in 2018, Charles decided to leverage significant gaps and opportunities identified in the current golf market, especially in France and Europe. Charles created Subpar Management Group with a simple, and yet differentiated approach of helping elite golfers and organizations in the golf industry. 

To achieve this goal and vision, Charles relies on more than 12 years of corporate experience working for large multinationals and fast-growing midsize companies, in domestic and global markets. With a strong Management background, Charles showcases tremendous skills in building strong, trusting relationships with clients, partners and colleagues by defining, executing and communicating clear, focused strategies driving measurable results.

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"The most important shot in golf is the next one."

Ben Hogan

At Subpar Management Group, we allow our clients to focus on their next shot or their next goal by effectively managing their career, on and off the course.